Handy In The Kitchen

This Christmas, I told the spouse that I wanted a mixer lift in the kitchen for all my heavy appliances like the above.  There are a variety of mixer lifts  to choose from and I chose the one that is cheap and easy to DIY, that way I don’t have to wait for the spouse to fit it in for me.  I want the mixer lift to make life easier for me when I need to store and lift heavy gadgets like the above.  It would be easy to use and put away and I don’t have to drag everything out everytime I need to use them and store them quickly when I have guest/s or unexpected ones. Nifty gadget that I feel would be useful to anyone who cooks and bakes.

Handy Woman

I’m quick the handy woman around the house and office before the spouse came along but now that I have him around, I tend to let him do the heavy lifting.  Well, unless he isn’t in town, I have to take care of things at home and like I said I was quick handy and didn’t forget what to do for puttering around the house.

For example, using  toggle bolts  for hanging a heavy framed mirror on top of this cabinet in the parlor area.  Why toggle bolts instead of just ordinary nails?  well the toggle bolts are great for keeping heavy stuff in place and because of the way it is shaped, it will not move or go anywhere after it’s  being nailed in. The spouse never worries when he is not around town because he knows that I can handle little things around the house, and it’s a good feeling not being totally helpless.

Flowers For The Techie Girlfriends

I frequently tell the spouse never to get me flowers especially on special occasions, but that doesn’t mean  that he shouldn’t get me any at all – because there are some kind of flowers I would appreciate always -and it’s the  live orchids .  I don’t know why I loved lived orchids but they are pretty unique flowers and they remind me of home (singapore) where orchids are our national flowers, plus it also reminds me of the orchid garden that my grandfather used to have when I was a kid.

But truthfully, if you asked any of my co-workers (girls of course), they loved the orchids more than roses or carnations (only give that to your mom) or lily or even tulips (for the secretary) because the orchid is such a unique flower – not easy to grow but very pretty in its own way.

A True Geek’s Home

A true geek home has all the consoles ever available from the start of console games and a  hayward robotic pool cleaner  for his pool. Yes! that’s right !  you heard me right – the spouse told me he wants a set up like the above and wants a robotic pool cleaner this Christmas, so he doesn’t have to clean the pool.  Now I thought these robotic pool cleaner were for pools like the YMCA but apparently, they are good for home pools too.  So I’m going to have to look for one for him for Christmas and luckily I saw a really cute one for our pool at a very good price.

Project Christmas

Yes, my project Christmas involved a lot of cleaning up and preparing menu for the big party at my home.  Geeks have friends too you know and lots of them and what do we do if we don’t have enough time to do all our stuff before Christmas?  we delegate !  like my smartest friend said – if money can solved the problem it’s no longer a problem because you can hire people to help you out and it’s not a bad idea too.  When one has to work but want to celebrate the festive season like everyone else.  We would hire  carpet cleaners holly springs nc  like my friend from NC would do every year but over here in this small town, we don’t have a professional company that does cleaning – but smaller ones – so one can only hope for the best.  Like my mom used to say – you pay for what you get – so if you want good help – you make sure you hire the best and I would if I could – so my friends are lucky – they get all sorts of help in NC.  But my party is going to go on regardless and I’m going to have a blast during Christmas.

“U” Lamp Multicolor

A very interesting lamp when lighted up but a pretty simple one too – using multi-color rubber band – the glass is made out of blown glass and definitely a great piece of decor and lamp for a corner table – but to spend $120 for a lamp – well, if i had the extra money – no problem at all.   But when it isn’t lighted up – it sure doesn’t look as beautiful nor as interesting.

Alternative Bulbs

Love these bulbs – from Plumen – it’s supposed to be eco friendly and uses 80% less energy – but who cares about that – when the bulbs are so funky right?  They are not cheap about $98 for 4 bulbs but it’s supposed to burn 8 yrs – so if you calculate it that way – it’s not that expensive.  Now there is no way to change a new set of bulbs I am assuming.  Order them online from Plumen’s website.

Four bulbs included. Pendant lamp cords/fixtures not included. Plumen gives off 11 watts, equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent bulb; 120V. It will burn for approximately 80,000 hours, or eight years. Instructions on recycling options are included.

Pac Man Tissue Box

I saw this on Etsy the other day – and it sure brought back some childhood memories for me.  I remembered going down to the game shop and spending a quarter each time playing the game and wanting to score some high score and wanting to look good in front of the boys in my neighborhood.  Plus – it’s a great give to give to the spouse – I’m sure he would remember our pac man days.  Check it out at Etsy.com – at $19.99.

Steam Washer

I’ve always wanted a steamer to iron my clothes – so much easier i think but never thought about steam washing my clothes – must cost a lot of money to run that machine don’t you think? But i guess it is good for those who have kids and lots of soft toys as you don’t want to destroy them – after paying so much for them eh.  Lots of auto program in the steam washer for cottons, delicates, handwash and demin and I would love to see how it works since it is like $2500 USD.  But you have to say the steam washer is pretty funky looking right.

Techy Chick Needs Lazy Pot

Well, I’m not really lazy truth be told but a multi-tasker and need to do a lot of things at the same time – so if you are like myself – this auto electric cooker that stirs itself would definitely save you some time and your supper as well.  How many a times – I have a sauce burnt because I didn’t have anyone to help me stir the pot.  A wee bit expensive for a pot – but think about all the other things you can do – while the pot is being stirred on its own regularly?  it’s worth it.  And since the pot is made mostly with cast aluminium – it will therefore distribute heat evely – and it has a non – stick surface too – plus throw it into your dishwasher and that’s it – buy it at http://www.hammacher.com/Product/81243.