iPhone 4S

You excited yet?  about the iPhone 4S – I am – and I haven’t been interested in the iPhone at all – but with the new features  – well at least with voice assistant called Siri.  Yes – Siri is a program that will recognise your voice and from checking your appt and rescheduling – it’s gotta be the smartest machine I’ve come across.  I loved it and I’m getting it !!  I haven’t had a gadget this smart for a long time – so this will be my advance Christmas present.  At $649 – I know it’s ex – but I really would like to get it – after all – money isn’t really an issue here right.

iZon Remote Room Monitor

I just watched in action what the iZon remote room monitor can do – and like it a lot because you can do the monitoring from your iPad, iPhone or even the iPod Touch.  It has a motion sensor that starts viewing when there is motion in the room – and it’s not just video here – it’s audio as well – so you can watch and hear what is going on at home or even in the office.  Wished they had this gadget when my kid was younger and she had a babysitter with her at home.  Great gadget to get at only $129.95 – definitely worth my investment – I think I would get this even though my kid is older – because I want to watch over her in her teenage years too.

Hello Kitty Animated Mini Speaker

It’s too cute not to buy this Hello Kitty Animated Mini Speaker – I just have to own one – but don’t expect this to bring your roof down or anything near it.  When I ordered it online – it doesn’t say how many watts it is – just that it can be used instead of your headphones.  But for less than $30 – what the heck right.  Die hard fans of Hello Kitty can shop at Sanrio.com – for your favorite items.

Easter Present For A Techy Kid

So you still haven’t bought any presents for your 7 years old for Easter?  well try the Hello Kitty MP 3 player for only $34.99.  But some people gave their review saying that it was cheap plastic – and can be easily broken and also it uses only AAA batteries – so it will get expensive – but if you are not looking for a long term music machine for a kit – this would do for now, afterall, most kids love the colorful face plate more than a plain color shuffle right?  Check out Sears.ca for this product.

Juicy Couture For Your MP3 Speaker

I’m not a fan of Juicy Couture but I know of someone who is crazy about it – she has everything of Juicy Couture.  I don’t really know what’s the fuss about it – except that it is expensive.  But with a kid – who loves pink stuff – and shimmer stuff – I won’t be surprised if she got into it too.

This MP3 Shimmer wallet for your MP3 Speakers goes for $88 and I figured if you do have a MP3 or even any music thing that kids have these days – they won’t mind getting it.  I think the teenagers are the best to get this for.  What do you think?  so mums and dads who don’t know what to get for their teenagers – check this out at Juicy Couture, i bet – they will think you are super cool.

Colorful iPod Dock

Very stylish looking ipod dock .. if you asked me.  Even if I have to buy the best weight loss supplements I must still get this one .. once it is released.  By alvaro Uribe who lives in Brooklyn and I heard he has many unique designs.  I love the color of this ipod dock and i don’t think it looks too geeky.  I plan to put this in my office.  One can hang from a wall or have it on top of a flat surface.  Can’t wait for the release date and the price of it.

Nano Shoots Video

iPod nano now has a built-in video camera that lets you record fun as it happens. Then share it with friends on the Internet. It’s the video camera that’s small enough to take with you everywhere.

A quick scroll through the menu takes you to the video camera. Then you’re ready to record video in portrait or landscape — perfect for emailing or posting on Facebook or MobileMe. A built-in mic lets you capture audio, too. And when you play back your video on iPod nano, you’ll hear the recorded audio with it. All of which means your indispensable music player is now your indispensable video camera.

Fifteen fun video effects let you add a little Hollywood to your video. Just scroll through, choose the effect you want — such as film grain or motion blur — and start recording. When you’re done, sync iPod nano to your computer and iPhoto (or your favorite photo software) opens. Then email your miniblockbuster or post on YouTube or Facebook.

Solar Charger

If anyone needs this solar charger, it has gotta be me.  Afterall, i keep using my camera .. and my ipod and forget to charge them .. when i need them the most. Cell towers it is not but it can definitely give your small gadget some juice when needed badly enough.

The cost of most forms of energy has increased a lot recently and will likely only go up in the future. And not only the monetary cost but the cost to our environment needs to be considered. Thankfully, the energy emitted from the Sun is still free (until some scrooge genius figures out how to charge for it). The Freeloader Portable Solar Charger can help you tap into this free source of energy; you simply plug it in and point it towards the Sun.

Freeloader Portable Solar Charger is an advanced portable charging system that can power any hand held device anywhere, anytime. The Freeloader gets power from its solar panels or via a supplied charging cable that plugs into your computers USB port. Once charged, the internal Li-Ion battery can power an iPod for 18hours, a mobile phone for 44 hours, PSP for 2.5 hours a PDA for 22 hours and much more. Supplied in a tough but stylish aluminium body, Freeloader can take the knocks of every day life whether on a business trip in New York, back packing in the Andes or chilling on a Caribbean beach.

Supplied with a computer USB charging cable and a power master cable with 11 adapter tips. Freeloaders solar panels can charge its internal battery in as little as 8 hours or 3 hours when using the supplied USB charging cable.

Saturday Night Speakers

I called it my John Travolta speakers.. because it definitely reminds me of the show .. by John Travolta.  If it was any cheaper.. i would be the first to get some… to even give our as presents.. but this cute speakers.. is going for like $60 USD .. *sigh*.  This 70s afro dude with jumpsuit sure reminds me .. or when we were so busy .. discoing.. and when disco was the rave.  Works on batteries ..or USB power from your desktop or laptop and you are ready to go.

Apple’s 12 Days Of Freebies

Yes.. !! so Apple is free download of 1 song a day .. from 26 December – 2 Janaury 2009.  Apple’s itune store confirmed that they are offering the downloads and it’s all over the news yesterday.  Are you sitting down..??   Gotten your diet pills yet..?? Well..with 12 new songs for free.. you can now afford the brand you want too. Find exclusive singles and live tracks on this free giveaway from Apple.. but only for the UK site i heard.  Has another heard anything for the North said..??