Sanrio Character Cubic Cushion

From the world of Hello Kitty – Sanrio brings you this iphone or cell phone stand – but it does not and will not charge your cell phone or ipod though.  But for a low price of $10.80 – what more can you asked for except for a stylish and cute looking cushion to sit your cellphones and iphones in right?  but it’s not only the Hello Kitty characters that you can buy – you can also get  My Melody, Pompom Pudding,  Keroppi, Bad Batsumaru and Monkichi at the same price – so pick your choose and order them from the Strapyya World.

Wireless HeadPhone For Ipod Shuffle

With this wireless headphone for my ipod shuffle, the spouse told me that there is no excuse for not going for my walks and burn belly fat that I complained about everyday. I used to say that I only have an ipod shuffle and that I dislike the conventional headphone – so when the spouse saw the above – he pointed it out to me – and for $50 – comes in pink color or white – I can get a friend who lives in Japan to get it for me.   Burn that belly fat – is a must and for just $50 – I cannot complain can I?  But I hear that there will be copycats selling generic ones soon – so I am going to wait for the copycats – sorry I’m pretty el cheapo – but for those who can’t wait – shoot me a comment and I’ll get the friend to buy it for you.

iPod @ $199

For an 8gb, you can now get your dream ipod .. for $199 – not a bad investment at all.  Especially when you can play games..  use it as a pocket computer.. and play music and movie.   Great for a gift.. for that special someone.  Look at the specs on Apple’s website – engraving for free now too.

Apple Shuffle Dropping Prices

I wonder if it is true.. that the announcement of the new 4gig shuffle which is due to come out.. and the old shuffle is gonna drop in prices..??  The 1 Gig version is at about $49 .. and the 2 Gig is like $69 .. if prices are dropping in the near future.. i wouldn’t mind getting one for taking with me.. for exercising.. and my walks. Plus it just might be a cool gift for my 5 yrs old.. by Christmas. i’ll watch out for the price drop if i were you.

Handcrafted Wood Sound System

Yes..! made specially for your ipods and iphones..! fits the smallest space but you can be sure to fit just about any room you want it to be. This all in one very compact sound system has a full size sound. And what’s best.. !! it’s freaking green..!! yes.. all green.. and eco..!! made of 100% recycled packaging. At $148.50 .. not bad for a gift. Anything green is always good.. and i totally support going green.