Google ChromeBook

Just the other day, a customer came in to ask about a Google Chromebook and whether we carry them and how good they are.  We haven’t really dealt with a chromebook yet but from what we heard it’s more like a net book and not a notebook.   So if you are thinking of getting one, know that you cannot download your games or watch a movie with a disc with it.

But don’t go cranky on me now – I found out that you can do anything on the web – and the chromebook is just a device to be used to go on the web to do whatever you need.  And although the Chromebook starts from $249, it can go up to $1000 from what I’ve read but if looks and portability is what you are looking for, then the chromebook is for you.

Do not be mistaken that the Google Chromebook device is named after google alone becuase you can have the HP Chromebook, the Samung Chromebook and various others.   But what can you get for $249?  well, not much to be honest if you are expecting alot like some people would.  Google still wants to make their money right?

For someone who uses Google apps or devices a lot, the Chromebook is definitely a nifty thing to have but like I said earlier, for $249, you cannot expect the battery to last a long time but having said that my Acer laptop is always plugged in just because, I don’t like to run out of battery at any time.  So there are pros and cons and limitation but I wouldn’t mind getting a Chromebook if I am always traveling or going to coffee shops and meeting clients like a sales person.

Some chromebooks can be extremely slow and frustrating, so if you are making presentations or needing a fast processor, you are definitely going to throw your chromebook away sometime out of frustrations.  In a nutshell, the Chromebook is cheap and if you are have wifi all the time, sure get it. But if you don’t have wifi, you cannot log in and use your cloud, so you are probably screwed.  Plus, if you look at the advertisement below, you might want to think again if you should buy a Chromebook.

Gaming Laptop

We haven’t had a lot of gaming laptop coming into our store but once in a while when one does, it does get sold so quick.  Gaming laptops are not cheap at all and although gaming on the laptop is not common around here , there are still a few gamers who insist on spending top dollars in getting one, so that they can play their games anywhere they choose to.  The Alien 18 is one of the heavyweights for gaming laptop but they are bulky and expensive.  Unfortunately, if you want to have a powerful gaming laptop – the heavy part can’t be forgo I guess.  And for the true gamers, the weight and the price wouldn’t stop them from getting it.

New XPS 13 Ultrabook Dell

I’ve read about the new XPS13 Ultrabook from Dell and this ultra thin laptop is selling better than I had thought.  Meant to rival the popual Macbook Air – I was kinda skeptical at first if it would be as popular.  So it launched for sale in Feb 2012 and Dell had reported a good sales forecast for the rest of the year.  The Ultra thin Dell is said to go for $999 but half of its sales so far went out to big companies and the other half to consumers like you and I.  Would love to get a hand on one – to see how light they are myself.

Negotiator Tote

We all carry our laptop and some other stuff with us all the time when we are going to and fro from work – and for the busy girl like you and I – I want something stylish – and not the conventional laptop bag if possible.  I loved the Negotiator Totel by Malcolm Fontier because it’s so stylish and so functional for what I want to use it for. Since it’s padded – I can safely use it to hold my laptop and my Wacom Bamboo capture with no problem at all.

Love the color and the price from FAB at $58 instead of $145.  So if you are looking for something stylish that you can carry from the office to a date at night after work – hurry and get this.

Notebook Cooler x2000

This notebook cooler is something we started carrying a month ago at our store because everyone was asking if we do have it.  And of course – like anything as soon as we have it – they don’t buy it – darn!  Anyhow, I will tell you more about this notebook cooler – its good for up to 15.4″ laptops and it’s very quiet.   While your notebooks have fans in it – it’s always good to use a cooler if you have one or can afford one.

This is how the cooler pad look like and it is only $35 at our store – definitely affordable. I checked it out on my own notebook and it definitely cooled my notebook quite a bit.

Micro SD To USB Adaptor

So you have a laptop without any card reader?  no worries – you can get this tiny micro SD to USB Adaptor and you are all set to transfer your files to and fro from a USB flash drive or cell phone.   Only at $3 – sold at Gator Bytes computer & entertainment.  And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to use this.  You can’t go wrong with the price like this.

Geeky Retro Laptop Decal

I love this pac man decal for the laptop – but I’m guessing it works best with white color background – so I can’t use it for my Acer.  But if you have a white laptop and used to play good old Pac Man – you might wanna consider getting this – sure brings back loads of good memories.

Free WiFi In Town

Yes – about a month ago – there is free wifi in our town – but today’s read on Apartment therapy  – showed that free may not be safe?  So can one catch a virus while using free Wifi?  A report shows that free public WiFi isn’t likely to directly affect your computer or files but it can provide an access point for unwelcome access in the wrong hands.

But Apartment Therapy also shows how you can protect yourself or your laptop from Viral SSIDs very simply with only a few steps.  By changing your Advance setting – click on Click on “Access point (infrastructure) networks only” – so whether you have a Mac or PC – make sure before using Free WiFi – change your settings.

Toshiba Satellite T115

So i read it looks like a netbook, costs the same as a netbook but it’s got an honest to goodness Pentium Processor from a PC magazine – therefore I had to take a look at it – afterall – I’m a techy chick right?  the T115 will cost $480 in the market – and i’m guessing i will be paying as much as such with a local supplier – since I can’t beat Staples prices or even Walmart if they do carry it.

The T115 is different from netbooks in one very significant way.  It houses a traditional notebook processor.  It has a single core, single thread, 45mn, 1.3 GHz Pentium M.  But hang on a minute – it doesn’t mean that this model will be good enough for gaming – in fact it’s not for gaming i heard because the graphics on it – is not as good as some.  But one thing I have to mentioned is – the battery life – it is said to run 5 hrs more than most on a full charge.  But if you are like me and types a lot – then you won’t like the keyboard feel – because it’s small – but overall – i would buy this – and not a netbook for its size.

Cover Your Laptops

Normally at our store – we don’t see something like that come in but many people/customers have had their laptop/s in filled with coke and juice and one even with cat’s pee – hahha!! yup! i kid you not!   Of course normal virus repairs and upgrades are definitely things one needs to pay for themselves and if you have lots of kids and/or prone to accidents – i’ve often wonder why they don’t get laptop insurance.  I mean look at the above picture?  no way we can save that for them right?  likewise for water/pop or juice in the laptop – no matter what we try – it just won’t work and by fluke if it does – well – it’s not going to last very long either.   So yes – people!!!  get some insurance !!! if you know your laptop might need it – especially if you have kids going to college or kids who are rough with their equipment!   I cannot stress hard and long enough but nope some people just won’t learn.