iCloud Hacking


So nude pictures of celebrities have been surfacing around the internet and rumors has it that they were the targeted group for hackers on their iCloud.   But if you are not a celebrity, I guess you have no worries that yours is going to be hacked.

At first Apple had issue a statement denying a breach of the iCloud but later during the day, Tim Cook – Apple’s current CEO had come up and addressed the issue and said that they were taking extra measurements to secure the security system.  So I guess the initial statement was false and they already knew that their security department had been compromised?

I’m just glad that I’m no celebrity but then I have no nude pictures to be leaked, so i just say that some celebrities are just dumb.

Apple Goofed


Yup ! i read about it too – did you?  you can’t update your OS X software last weekend because Apple people goofed !   they didn’t renew their SSL certificate.  Big boo boo!

Apple Apps Versus Android Apps

When we bought the mini iPad for my daughter, I had discussed this with a g/f’s husband who is an engineer and apparently, he was getting a blackberry playbook for his wife for Christmas.  I had told him that I liked Apple because of the apps available for Apple but he argued that he liked the Androids because the apps are free and easily downloadable.  Of course, I didn’t retort him back and say that – he was being a pirate then – because not paying for an app isn’t right – it’s like stealing.

So whose apps are easiest to use and download?  I’ve only tried the apps on Apple since I have the mini Apple – but I hear that that Androids ones are close to 1,000 000 apps too.  Even though Apple was the one who got into all these apps first, Google seems to be catching up really quick.  But knowing Google, you know they want a piece of the pie in whatever you are doing online and offline if possible. hahah!

But I read that Apple is still the undisputed king of apps – why?  very good question – you feel safe using apps from Apple, you are 99% sure that you are not going to get any viruses from Apple’s app.   But for how long will Apple Apps be better than Android?  that we’ve yet to see.

Mini Apple By Apple

 So Apple announced the new mini iPad available on the 2nd November 2012 and i’m sure you are as excited about it as I am.  The price seems to be relatively cheaper for an Apple gadget since we all know that Apple means quality stuff and it can only mean that someone is getting it this Christmas – in fact, I think a lot of children are getting it for Christmas.

I’ve always wanted to get an iPad but the price wasn’t friendly at all but now that the mini iPad is going for about USD$329, it has definitely given me an incentive to buy one of them for my kid. She didn’t asked for it but with the mini iPad, I’m hoping that she can be kept occupied when we are on long trips. As for the mini-iPad expect the same software and same quality product except for a smaller price – now you’ve gotta liked it.

Apple Most Hated


Apple ranks #6 when it comes to the most hated company in US.  But it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because the spouse himself don’t like the Macs too because it finds it so hard to work with as he thinks that you need to know some special coding before you can work the Mac.  Well, having said that it’s all because Mac is way more expensive than any PC.  But seriously, I don’t find Apple products are friendly as they make it out to be.

There are more reasons why people hate Apple of course, from the workign condition in China to make the iPhone 5 and also the lawsuit on Samsung – that is now constantly on the news, it’s like Apple is relentless and want to be the only gadget master in the entire world.  But hate as much as you want, Apple is still one of the biggest sell out of all times.

iPad 4G LTE Too Hot To Handle

Sometime last week I had read in some forum that the new iPad – the iPad 4G LTE is a bit hot to hold for a long time. But some said they had expected it to be hot because there is no fan to cool of the gadget.   Everyone in the forum had their own opinion but we haven’t heard back from Apple as of today.  So your guess is as good as mine – I’m hoping it is not true – because I am gearing towards getting one for myself.

iPhone 4S

You excited yet?  about the iPhone 4S – I am – and I haven’t been interested in the iPhone at all – but with the new features  – well at least with voice assistant called Siri.  Yes – Siri is a program that will recognise your voice and from checking your appt and rescheduling – it’s gotta be the smartest machine I’ve come across.  I loved it and I’m getting it !!  I haven’t had a gadget this smart for a long time – so this will be my advance Christmas present.  At $649 – I know it’s ex – but I really would like to get it – after all – money isn’t really an issue here right.

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Big news CEO of Apple Steve Jobs has announced its resignation.  Wow!!  I really didn’t think he would resign – but I’m guessing his health must have taken a worst turn?  since he had been plague with health issues for a long time.  Tim Cook will take over Steve’s duties and become the next CEO.  The question is will Apple do as well and better without Steve?  your guess is as good as mine.

Free WiFi In Town

Yes – about a month ago – there is free wifi in our town – but today’s read on Apartment therapy  – showed that free may not be safe?  So can one catch a virus while using free Wifi?  A report shows that free public WiFi isn’t likely to directly affect your computer or files but it can provide an access point for unwelcome access in the wrong hands.

But Apartment Therapy also shows how you can protect yourself or your laptop from Viral SSIDs very simply with only a few steps.  By changing your Advance setting – click on Click on “Access point (infrastructure) networks only” – so whether you have a Mac or PC – make sure before using Free WiFi – change your settings.

iPad Clutch

If you are thinking of getting and iPad when it is launch like I am for the spouse, you should get this iPad clutch too.  It is a cover or a carrier for the iPad.  I was actually looking for best joint supplements when i came across this on Apartment Therapy.  There was no price tag for it at this time but I will be looking out for it that’s for sure.  How not to have a protective cover for the iPad when it will cost me close to at least $500.