Free Windows 10 Upgrade Here


Rumors has it that the new Windows 10 will be free for everyone to upgrade even for those who’ve pirated copies of them currently.  Now what’s the catch you ask right?  I asked the same question.   But wait, it’s only available free for the first year and then you have to pay for licensing every year after ?  confused ?  I know!  Anyhow, I look forward to my free copy in the summer because I hear it’s gonna be much more easier to  operate than Windows 8.  Thank God!

$50 Discount On Xbox One This Holiday


For those eyeing to get an xbox one – this holiday season may be the best time to get one for yourself.  Microsoft has just announced a $50 off for your xbox one – starting at $349 instead of $399.  Pretty decent I have to say and I’m sure it will be sole out in no time.  I also read that there is going to be a special edition console for this holiday season which includes the Assassin’s Creed bundle with Unity and there are 2 games included as well.  And we also have the white xbox one console – i like the white one of course and it’s called the Call of Duty bundle with Advanced warfare and there is a custom design on the console too.

The sale starts on November 2 and will last till the end of the year, so geeks and gamers out there, don’t forget to get ahold of yours now.


Bill Gates Emotional About The Search For Next CEO

First it was Steve Balmer in August when he retired and now Bill Gates is actively looking for a new CEO for Microsoft.  We know that this was coming because sometime in October, rumors has it that some board of directors wanted Bill Gates to step down.  So with the video below, I guess it will be coming soon.  But Bill Gates being so rich and successful I guess he doesn’t really  need the job right?  after all, he will still be getting his dividends.  But it is sad to be asked to leave when this company is your baby.

Google #2

Google is currently #2 after Apple and is currently the second richest tech firm but this must not come in as a surprised to everyone else why are they called Lord Google by bloggers and any company who wants to advertise online to make their products known.  But don’t let me get started on that – that would be another story for another day.  So it’s Apple first and then Google followed by Microsoft now.  Google’s shares had been steadily rising this year – according to the newspaper.

R2D2 Xbox 360

Look Who bought the new R2D2 Star Wars xbox 360!!!  woohoo!! happy ! happy!  so what is so special about the R2D2 xbox I hear everyone asking me.   Well for all those Star Wars fan- this is something to remember their favorite movie by this limited edition of the Kinect Star Wars bundle.   The Kinect is custom designed and so is the console and controller, all based on the popular Star Wars character – the R2-D2.  You also get the Star Wars game and a 320gig HD – plus a wired headset and a game meant for the Kinect.   Now may the force be with you.

Stars Wars Xbox 360 Bundle

Come Christmas you can get your hands on this custom xbox 360 bundle that is tied with the realease of the Kinect Stars Wars. So fans of Stars Wars – hurry and pre-order yours. This bundles has a 320 gb hard drive and a kinect sensor of course and a themed wireless controller. The game of Kinect Star Wars is added into the $499.99 package – but i wouldn’t be buying it – I don’t like the themed thing but don’t let me stop you from buying it though.

Stitch Panoramic Photos

I’ve always been amazed at folks who takes panoramic shots of scenery and wonder how they do it?  is it the camera or was it a special software but i was too lazy to look it up or ask anyone – not because i was too proud but i figured if i wanted to know bad enough – i would be able to find the information on the net – just like diet pills that work .

Well, it wasn’t me that needed to do a panoramic shot – but my kid for a school project – so here it is – some locales that cannot be captured in a standard 5×7 inch photograph, like the Grand Canyon for instance.  So to replicate the ultra wide field of vision in digital photography, you’ll need to use a technique called panoramic photography.  One way to do this is by investing in an expensive DSLR camera and as fisheye lens designed specifically for capturing wide stretching scenes.  But the quickest way to create the same effect with a $50 point and shoot is also possible.

First you need a digital camera, a tripod which is optional, and use the Microsoft image composite editor which is free.  Stitching is really easy – i heard it doesn’t come any easier with Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor.  After you install and load the program, select the photos on your hard drive or camera’s memory card and drag and drop them into ICE’s main window.  ICE will do the dirty work for you and automatically stitch the images together.  Easy – peasy – have fun now.

Modded Xbox 360

No, I’m not just talking about making your xbox 360 pretty – i’m talking about people who mod the system so that they can play burned games and brazenly selling them on facebook yard sale.  Yes! that’s what is happening in our small, dingy town !  This person has been doing modding for years now and have no regards to the law and breaking it.    This person is a legitimate business person himself and sells  cheap supplements in his fitness center and I’m sure he knows what he is doing is wrong.   So what do you do when you see someone breaking the law again and again?  and becoming more and more brazen by selling it in the open market – and telling people he is breaking the law?   You tell me !  I hope one day Microsoft will catch him and fine him hefty – and make sure they make an example out of him.

Xbox 360 Elites At $100 Less

While everyone can afford a  desktop computers because it is a necessity.. one have to think twice before getting a xbox 360.  But as of August 28, 2009, you can now afford the xbox 360 elite because of a price reduction of a $100.  This was officially announced by Microsoft.  At $299 – it is definitely a must by for this Christmas – I am wondering if they had to reduce the price because of the PS3 .. but i prefer the xbox 360 to the PS3 anytime.

The Arcade remains at the same price of $199 and the Pro will be at $249 instead of $299 and while supplies last.. they are not making anymore of the Pro .. so i hear.

Noting that the announced price reduction would lure new buyers, and simplify its product mix for manufacturers, retailers and customers, Dennis said: “It really makes the decision for consumers a lot easier. They’re either price conscious and they gravitate toward the Arcade or they the want the full Xbox 360 experience.”

While Xbox is the second-ranking gaming console in the US, after Nintendo’s $249-priced Wii, the sales of Xbox have been comparatively more robust in 2009 – with a 17 percent rise in the US sales, Xbox has been the only console in positive territory!

Software Piracy

I read over the news that some Chinese gang selling software counterfeits were arrested and sentenced to 6.5 years of jail in China.. the harshest sentence passed down in history for China’s piracy laws.  These ppl were charged for selling at least $2 billion worth of Microsoft counterfeit softwares/programs.

For those who are not aware of this.. a local computer store got busted too.. for selling or installing pirated copies of Microsoft softwares in this small town too.  I heard (rumors) that Microsoft went after them for half a million dollars. They declared bankruptcy.. but i heard they are still doing it from home.  Oh well.. i guess they have to pay for a living, lighting and power eh.