New XPS 13 Ultrabook Dell

I’ve read about the new XPS13 Ultrabook from Dell and this ultra thin laptop is selling better than I had thought.  Meant to rival the popual Macbook Air – I was kinda skeptical at first if it would be as popular.  So it launched for sale in Feb 2012 and Dell had reported a good sales forecast for the rest of the year.  The Ultra thin Dell is said to go for $999 but half of its sales so far went out to big companies and the other half to consumers like you and I.  Would love to get a hand on one – to see how light they are myself.

Handmade Leather Journal

Yup! always loved the look of a handmade leather journal but I’ve never bought one because I never use a pen to write lots now.  But for someone who travels and journal their experiences – it would be a great gift.  As for me – it’s me and my computer but that doesn’t mean that I cannot admire a good looking journal right.  At such a great price – I’m very tempted to buy one just because.  It has a 100 pages within – and like i said it would be great for someone who writes a lot – i used to once upon a time – and it would be nice to see someone at Starbucks writing away in this journal.

Notebook Cooler x2000

This notebook cooler is something we started carrying a month ago at our store because everyone was asking if we do have it.  And of course – like anything as soon as we have it – they don’t buy it – darn!  Anyhow, I will tell you more about this notebook cooler – its good for up to 15.4″ laptops and it’s very quiet.   While your notebooks have fans in it – it’s always good to use a cooler if you have one or can afford one.

This is how the cooler pad look like and it is only $35 at our store – definitely affordable. I checked it out on my own notebook and it definitely cooled my notebook quite a bit.

Laptop Cooler

Actually it’s a cooling pad – i’ve been asked so many times about it at our store – at first i didn’t know that it existed – until the spouse corrected me – when a customer asked me.  I had thought that the only thing to do is to blow the dust outta the fan in your lappie and that would keep the laptop/notebook cool again.  But i was wrong – hahah!! so silly of me eh.

Anyhow, like all smart chick – i too don’t want to pay too much for a laptop cooling pad, so when i saw one at – i had to tell my customers they can get one there for just $17.88 – A Belkin F5L001 -Cooling Stand prevents your laptop against overheating. The unique patented wave design uses natural convection to enhance fan. This stand has low power consumption with the USB port on your laptop without power cumbersome. Because the laptops today are based on fast processors to do the work, they create a lot of heat, with much of that land directly on your lap. Some laptops may have a “normal temperature” as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit have, that’s not only dangerous and uncomfortable, it can also take you from your laptop, because it can block unexpectedly decline, and overall life expectancy.

Darn Geeky Mousepad

A mousepad that doubles up as your calendar and to do list.. now..!! that’s the way to do it.  How many times.. did you have to note down and appt.. or find the right dates for an appt.. right in front of your desk.. and you don’t have nowhere to write.. nor find out if it was the right date you need..??  Yes.. yes..!! you agree with me right..??  so come 2010 ..  have no fear.. for this easy .. cheap $ 12 – taking care of business mousepad can be yours.  No more running around for a piece of paper.. or no need to wait.. for the computer’s date book to appear.

Retro Keyboards

Bendiboards are practically indestructible waterproof keyboards, which can be washed. Coffee spills, dust, yesterdays chicken and cranberry sandwich, simply get wiped away. Lightweight, ultra-slim, and compact, you can roll it up and take it anywhere with you making it ideal for use with laptops.

The soft material allows a quick, reflexive typing action that is silent and more comfortable than traditional hard, plastic keyboards. The flexible flat design also offers ease in typing which eliminates negative-angle stress to your wrists.

Notebook Cooling Pad

This is something any notebook user must buy.  At $33.00 – this is definitely worth the investment, especially if you have the notebook for about a year.. and your fan is clogging up. This Netbook Cooling Pad has built-in a slient fan and together with 3 USB 2.0 ports. It is good for cooling down your Netbook and convenient for you to connect any other USB devices. In addition, it designed with a 2.5″ SATA HDD slot. You can plug any 2.5″ SATA hard drive to extend your storage conveniently.

Killed By Laptop

SURREY, B.C. – Mounties in Surrey, B.C., say a woman who died in a car accident last month appears to have been killed by her laptop computer.

Heather Storey, 25, was driving to work March 16 when her vehicle was hit by a tow truck. Storey’s laptop was sitting unsecured in her back seat and RCMP spokesman Sgt. Roger Morrow says the vehicle’s abrupt stop sent the computer flying into the back of Storey’s head. The force of the blow was so severe that it shattered the computer’s screen and bent the frame.

The coroner determined that Storey died as a result of blunt force trauma.

Morrow says investigators believe the accident was survivable and that police are warning the public to secure their belongings while driving.

Source : Canadian Press

Deal Of The Week

Acer Aspire One A110-1588 Notebook – LU.S030B.043 is on sale at $238 !! I know, you are going to say it’s too small and it doesn’t do much – but if you are traveling a lot or going for a trip for a week, this is definitely something you’ve gotta buy.  So easy, so light and so geeky plus free shipping if you know where to get them.  As cheap as a barcode scanner, wait – maybe even cheaper.

One Finger Typist

For the one finger typist.. this is what you should get.  For $27.95, this  ‘ABC’ button and you will be able to write with the keys in an alphabetical order. Disable the ABC’ button and you can start typing as with a standard QWERTY keyboard. And finally, the ‘F’ key enables IM abbreviations like “LOL” via the function keys.

For beginner typists, the keys are layed out on the keyboard in alphabetical order. Press the ‘ABC’ button and the keys will type in that order. If you are ready to go to the next step, switch the ABC button off and type as you normally would on a QWERTY keyboard. The letters are layed out on the keyboard right under the keys layed out in alphabetical order, but in red. The next neat trick this keyboard does is when the ‘F’ key is pushed, typical IM abbreviations become available at a press of one of the function keys. “CYA”, “LOL”, and “BTW” are just a few of the keys available to make your IMing quicker and more fun. The Fast Fingers Keyboard retails for $27.95.