WOW For Free ?


Don’t you wished ! hahah! but nope not free World of Warcraft but free game time because during the expansion launch , the players had some trouble and so Blizzard had generously offer 5 days extension of free game play for those who’ve bought their expansion.  The die hard fans of World of Warcraft had been awaiting the  Warlords of Draenor expansion pack for the longest time.

Blizzards server got crashed because when the expansion went live, returning players and existing ones were said to have crashed it. Now this definitely showed how many people love this game and had been playing World of Warcraft for the longest time.  But rumors has it that the game and its server hasn’t been smoother ever since.  So what’s up with that Blizzard ?

Updating WordPress 3.9


So I was trying to work on my blogs this morning and I can’t do anything.  It would let me log in but after that, nothing at all.  Darn!  So finally, the spouse updated all my wordpress blogs to 3.9 and it worked immediately.  I guess, I need to be more vigilant from now on and do the updating on my own.

So if you’ve never updated your blogs, don’t forget to do it when you see a message telling you that updates are available.  It’s so easy and no one should have any trouble doing it on your own.  I’ve been a slacker!

Diablo III

Yes! we got the Diablo III as soon as it came out of course and the spouse wasted no time in trying it out and haven’t stopped since. And because of Diablo III we have been getting calls from customers looking to upgrade their video cards and power supplies as well in their PC – so it’s not really a bad thing for us.  Thus far, we already have a few people making some purchases on video card because of Diablo III.

So was it worth the wait for those die hard fans of Diablo?  12 years to be exact – but this was touted to be one of the biggest game and I beet Blizzard is making some money for it.  Many would play it online but thus far – the spouse I think had only played offline – I don’t have any idea why but after speaking with a few customers – they said that even the hardcore fans of Diablo finds that Diablo III didn’t disappoint at all.  As far as I can see from my side of the desk – it was a lot of killing and shooting and bombing.  So the final question – was it worth paying $60 + tax  for Diablo III I asked the spouse?  and his answer was yes – especially when he traded some games to EB games to get his – smart man!

BuckyBalls Pink

Pink is definitely pretty – but you must be wondering what do they do right?  I wondered too – I walked around Staples the other day and saw these on sale.  So I looked at it – and it didn’t really tell me a lot.  These buckyballs has 216 neo-magnet balls and are made with nickel finish.  Well, I found a video on youtube on it – and it looked pretty fun – basically – you just turned them into things and shapes you want. Apparently, these are made to relieve stress but not for kids to play with – guess they are afraid that kids may swallow them – and I won’t rule that out – because I pushed an eraser into my nose when I was a kid.  What was I thinking right?  Pretty amusing – and it would cost you like $30 for them – after shipping.

Gaming Mouse By Logitech

I was looking for a gaming mouse not for myself but for the spouse – only 3 months to Christmas and this year – I am darn sure I want to start as early as possible.  A gaming mouse would be a great gift for a gamer like him  – so when i saw this gaming mouse from Logitech, I of course, need to read some review about it – to check it out.

You can pre-order this directly from Logitech – it’s called the Logitech G300 mouse – going at $39.99.  It has 9 programmable controls and 3 on board profiles- meaning the gamer using it – can do more and faster.  The way it is shaped is made for the palm and fingers to maneuver easily.  Plus witha 2500 dpi optical sensor – and some durable buttons as we know gamers can sometimes be hard driven master on the buttons.  Combined all of the above together and the good pricing – you will definitely find that you can play a lot better.

Charity Lappy


They are very cute. .and if I was looking for a new laptop .. i will consider buying these for charity purposes. The National Cristina Foundation and PC Magazine are working together with well known artist to create and auction, eight one of a kind HP lappies on eBay. Starting bid at just .99 cents. Sales of these awesome looking lappie goes to the National Cristina Foundation, and they in return provides computers to folks in need.

Underneath their new “outfits,” the notebook PCs are the HP tx1000z, dv6500t, dv9500z and HP Dragon models. The designs range from metal, spray paint and patent leather to environmentally friendly and experimental materials. For artist profiles, behind-the-scenes footage and images of the notebooks.

Build Your Own Website

I’ve always envied those who knows html & CSS because they can build their own website from scratch – and to learn how to do stuff like that – one can go to school for it and pay tons of money and waste a lot of time.  Last year, I helped a local business with building his website for his restaurant – but because I don’t know the html stuff – I was unable to do it correctly – but as a blog style.  I really don’t think that it looked professional enough.

But with an online website builder , one can build their own website professionally and at a reasonable cost.   What if you are too busy?  or you already have a site but want to transfer the old site to the new ones?  Well, people at this web building site can help you do that too – plus they host the website for you with 99.95%  up time and they do all back-ups for you from their very own stand alone server based in Las Vegas.

So if you own a business – like ourselves – I would check it out for they also offer 24/7 support and give the ordinary people like me and you – SEO tips and marketing tools as well.  So no need for all those html jargon and know hows – you can proudly say – you build your own website.  Pretty cool eh! and it’s free to try it out till you are satisfied and pay only when you go live – no harm trying it out eh.

Too Much Computer

Looks familiar?  yes ! very ! to me anyways – i always eat in front of my computer – for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  supper i eat them in front of the tv. The spouse is not any better than I – so can you blame us for putting on weight?   We need some weight loss pills that work not just any ordinary ones – better still if it works while we are sitting down – hahah!  Plus we need to find some that doesn’t cost a lot too.  But yes – some exercise is good – so i started on 30mins exercises everyday 1.5 months ago – and now to look for ways to use a supplement to keep the fat at bay.

Free Local and Long Distance Calls

No more phone bills – no more paying for long distance in Canada or in United States.  Simple to set up – even my grandmother knows how – haha! yes really i kid you not it’s that simple.   Plug any phone into the magicjack, then plug the magicjack into a USB port and then you pick up your phone – dial and talk for free easier than reading my apidexin reviews .  And how much is it you asked?  At $39.99 – a one time fee for the jack and you only need to pay $20/yr after the first year – the first year is for free.   As long as you have high speed internet – you don’t need a phone anymore like us.   I tried it last night and at first – i had that incomplete call message for a few times and the rest of the evening it was fine.  Calling out cost you nothing and if anyone were to call you – i think it’s like 5 cents a min.  So if you have someone call you .. just tell them to hang up and return the call.  You have free call waiting, free caller id and emergency 911 calls too.  Save yourself 100s of dollars a year. Call quality? great!

Windows 7 Beta

Free for a year.. and then pay for it a year later.. now that sounds awesome right..??  heard so much about it lately. . but really don’t wanna try it out yet.. for fear of all the drivers i have to look for and all.The Windows 7 is suppposedly to be Microsoft not only newest baby but a huge user interface overhaul since Windows 95. They say that it recognizes cameras, printers and other add ons immediately and great for those who loves their gadgets like yours truly .. but hate to have to look for drivers.   Windows 7 also knows all about music and movies addition .. and apparently they can master them all.   Looks like it is gonna be easier than i thought.. so i won’t be needing the best fat burners from spending hours in front of the computer.. searching for drivers, since it seems to do so  much.  If anyone had tried it .. please let me know… i’m gonna wait for abit.. like i did with Vista.