“Bold” Blackberry At Rogers

I was told today by the guys at Rogers .. in the mall . .. that the Bold Blackberry i had been eyeing on will be for sale.. at Rogers.. of course.. on August 21..!! woohoo..!! Here in Canada.. first..!! They donch exactly know how much it is gonna be.. but i think it should be in the range of $400 and not any lesser. Will check it out.. and let you know.. when i get ahold of it.

SD Micro Card For My Camera

Yes.. look how small the memory card for my new Canon camera is. The big one is just the casing for the actual memory card to be used in my camera. Amazing isn’t it..?? Yes.. and for something like this.. we paid like $20 from our supplier for a 4 gig.  Awesome..!  of course we bought it.

Cuil The New Search Engine

Yes.. it actually happened yesterday.. this new search engine was launched by former employees of Google… go figure. But Cuil pronounced as “cool” don’t really seems to work any better right at this moment. Teething problems perhaps..??

Your search results are displayed like a magazine format and not like a list form like google. I tried it myself.. and wasn’t too impressed.. but since they are new.. i cannot say very much about it yet. I do hope.. they become as big as Google.. that way .. we have another good search engine to depend on…and user friendly like the ones Google has.

I read alot of reviews about Cuil.. and everyone seems a wee bit skeptical about it. But like i said.. give it a little more time .. it may turned out better. But what do i know right..??

Palm T/X Handheld With Universal Wireless Keyboard


Wireless with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, exactly what i need .. since i will be traveling alot in the summer. I can use it to browse the web and check my emails from our store, or places like airports and cafes .. and not forgetting any hotels that have Wi-Fi without having to lug our laptop with us during our holidays. I can use Words, Excel and Powerpoint on it.. lots of potential. The Palm TX is also an MP3 player.. and let you read an eBook if you desire. Check your emails, store pictures and video on it. With 128mb .. it’s not alot.. but it does let you do a fair bit .. for about $450, you have your   office in your pocket.

HP iPAQ Pocket PC hx4700


PDAs were a big thing about 8 yrs ago. Every Tom, Dick and Harry had one of something. The HP’s new iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC is a well-built device with an attractive dark-grey magnesium alloy body. Inside its durable case you’ll find the fastest Pocket PC processor available-the 624 MHz Intel PXA 270. Great amount of storage capacity with a 128MB of flash ROM. And you can always add on more if you need more. Slots available also accept cards that add GPS receivers, radio tuners, digital camera cards, and other hardware features. A tad bit expensive but definitely worth buying.