Facebook Camera App

Facebook had just released its camera app a few hours ago – and now we all can understand why instagram was worth the $1billion payout.  Facebook camera app is a clone of instagram – unfortunately the new FB camera app’s filter isn’t as good as Instagram I found out.  I think there may be more work to be done with the new app – so I’ll let you know more when i find out more after testing it out for a bit more.

Gem Of Life Episode 40

Just done watching Gem of Life Episode 39, the rar files are a little harder to download and watch because you need a special program to unrar it —  WinRar.  Now i’m wondering if i can get to watch Gem of Life Episode 40 or not on Sunday.  If you are looking for a link to watch it, here it is, I found the link on the net.

WordPress 2.7 Downloaded

Like any person out there.. no matter how savvy you are with the computer.. one tends to be really careful.. when trying to download an upgrade.  Everytime I do it.. something seems not too right.  The last time i did so.. with an upgrade of WordPress.. well.. i lost my image function.  Maybe, it’s just me.. maybe there is a bug… i really donch know.  But the man who is a techie himself.. couldn’t figure it out .. but we did use an alternative to upload pictures.. so it’s not a big deal.

Ok.. WordPress 2.7 is ready for download.. and I of course gotta try it.. after reading it up in various sources.  But as luck would have it.. i did mess it up abit.. but it is awesome with a lot of new features.. as far as i can see it now. You can fully customize it.. and for most people i heard the upgrade was super fast and super smooth.. just me.. i guess.  Check out their awesome pluggins too.

Download WordPress 2.7 HERE.

Free WaterMark For Your Pictures

For those who uses lots of pictures on their blog or website would definitely love this free watermark software available online.  It’s easy to use.. and definitely good to know that it is free.  You can be sure .. i’ll be using this a lot from now on.  Check it out here, it’s pretty straightforward, if  i can use it .. you can too.  Watermark all you pictures and photographs you put online.  Just remember.. they don’t host the pictures for you .. you have to right click and save it .. and then host it yourself at photobucket or flicker.  Have fun!