PS3 Clean Up


Bizarre is not an entirely right word to describe this that was brought into our store for a clean up.  I don’t know how people get their system so dirty but they do and a lot of them is because they smoke or they have very dusty houses.


How do you think a machine would work with so much dust right?  And the spouse only charges minimal to clean this.  If it was I , I would charge a shit load to do their dirty work.

The Time Is Near For The Ultimate Console 2013

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, new consoles coming out very soon for Christmas  – so which one would you buy ?  a PS4 or a Xbox One?  which one is better ?  The PS4 is said to be going for $399.99 and the Xbox One will be priced at $499.99 – wow!  $100 difference ?  why so ? and how do they compare?

Of course, I can’t tell you how they compare because I haven’t tried them out myself – but from what I’ve read thus far, but if you buy the PS4 – you will have to fork out another $59 for the camera attachment but do one need the camera?  yes, if you want to play motion game.  Where else the Xbox One is doing away with the kinect or rather has bundled it up with the Xbox One package.

While the Xbox One will have some exclusive games because they’ve partnered with Sony, both consoles will have pretty much the same games.  Some said they prefer the PS4 because the previous PS3 had very little hardware problems as compared to the Xbox 360 but we’ve yet to see.  So which one will you be buying?  a PS4 or a Xbox One.  The spouse said he is getting the PS4 as it is cheaper.

Top 10 Console Games To Watch Out For

Sometime in June, there was a game expo in LA and these were some of the games that were introduced.  And below are some that I’ve picked out from a game report that I liked very much.  As you can see some will be exclusively for the Xbox One and others will be for the PS4, so before you head out and buy the next new console – check out the games first.    Next, I’ll be checking out games for younger kids to look out for in the next few months followed by the release for next year.

4 Yrs Old Boy Shot Dad Over Playstation

What is the world coming to?  a 4 yrs old kid shooting his father for not buying him a PS3?  How in the world does a 4 yrs old knows how to use a gun?  I’m 47 and I don’t even know how to use one – so whose fault is it?  I’m thinking someone must have shown the 4 yrs old to use the gun – his father?  shot the father in the head?  how did the 4 yrs old get up to his father’s level and shoot him?  The boy is from Saudi Arabia – now there must be something really wrong here.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Are you ready for it?  I think the rest of Canada will get it tomorrow except Nova Scotia – darn!  everyone is closed till Saturday – for Remembrance Day.  I have a copy pre-ordered from Shitstop  – and will get it tomorrow.  More on Skyrim once I get it.

Update :  just got this today – Saturday – more on it later.

Pink PS3 Controllers

We have been wanted to buy a pink PS3 or an XBOX360 controller for the kid – and I saw it at our local store.  Very tempted to buy her one but after tax – it’s going to be about $60 – but we usually only pay like $35 for one – at our own store – so I guess the kid just has to wait.

Red ones we get pretty often at our store but never a pink one yet – but I’m sure it will come sometime.  Would you pay so much for a controller when you can get it for less?  Alternatively, I guess you can trade in some games to the store in exchange for a pink colored PS3 controller.

Just Cause 2

Recently out for the PS3 system as well as the xbox 360 and only at $40, so you can imagine everyone going out and getting it.  So the spouse said to me – forget about the ellipticals for a few weeks while i try this game out with my buddies.    So i told him – alrightie – so ahead and be as obese as i am – haha!!

So whats the game about?  what else is new right?  running around and blowing stuff up according to the spouse and after level 2 – you probably can do just about anything.   The game ppl are so smart – they came out with a demo for it about a month ago i think – to entice the gamers and as they expected as soon as the game was out and only at $40 – unlike some games going at $80 – everyone was out to get it.  I’m just glad that we are not renting any new games these days  – because new games tends to get stolen all the time by crooked lenders.

PS3 Laptop

Sometime in April this year.. i saw this in Engadget’s website.. and didn’t give it much thought after that.  Because i was gonna double check with the man about it… coz’ it is a pretty neat modded machine by Ben Heck .. hehehhe!! name seems appropriate too eh..?  Anyhoos..! this is not the first time this geek did something like that..! It took like almost 1.5 yrs to build this PS3 laptop.. and i saw its demo.. and it works.  Pretty neat according to the man.. to have the screen and thus .. not needing the tv for gaming.  Weighs about 16 pounds .. has a built in keyboard, USB port .. sounds and more.  i think this thing was auction off for charity.