PSP Super Cute Value Pack For Girls

When I first saw this advertised – earlier this month – I thought to myself – hey! this isn’t new – but i was wrong! hahah! i was thinking of my daughter’s Nintendo DS which is also in pink.   But yes!  they never had a PSP in pink before well except for the Jill Stuart Sweet Package – so – for the teenage girls – this might sell well for them – if they liked playing with the PSP – after all – all girls like pink – even myself.  Yes ! it’s a gimmick – but ain’t we all a sucker for gimmicks?

Don’t expect it to come any different from the black PSP or the silver ones but they do come with a special ribbon earphones and a cute bag – also in pink (duh!)- also a 2 GB Memory stick Duo pro card and the bundle cost like $240 and one can get it in Japanese stores on 17 February – and if I was Sony – I would  have it out before Valentine’s day for obvious reasons.

PSP For Christmas

Everyone seems to be buying a psp this Christmas !  are you getting one too?  I love the PSP for my kid – it can be used for movies – and movies for the PSP is cheap these days – it’s good when we have to travel to the city.  And the PSP unlike the DS – can be used for older kids – so even when she is older – the PSP is a great buy.  So if you are thinking of buying a PSP for your kid this Christmas – go right ahead – and we have one – and never regretted it.  And yes – you can play games on it even in the dark – it has a back light.

PSP Go! Messenger

Firstly, if you donch know what the PSP Go! Messenger is all about.. donch worry.. i didn’t know till today.  And yes.. we’ve owned a PSP before.. and it was use to watch movies for my kid when we were traveling on vacation.  So when i learned that it was canceled due to lack of subscriber for this service.. it is definitely no surprises.

Launched just 9 months ago with BT, Go! Messenger allowed owners of the PSP and the optional Go! Cam videocam to send texts, chat and make video calls to other PSP users via Wi-Fi hotspots. It was touted as a big step forward in making the PSP a functional communications device as well as a handheld gaming and entertainment console.

“Although Go! Messenger brought innovative communications features to the PSP community, the service has not developed the base of users that we were hoping for. Although it proved a popular concept, achieving a significant number of registrations, it didn’t gain the number of regular users that BT and SCEE were aiming for. We’d like to thank all fans of Go!Messenger and are sorry to have to make this announcement.”

HMV Doing Second Hand Games Like Us

Muahahahah!! luckily we don’t have any HMVs here… else.. another big boy wants a piece of our pie..!  Darn that..!!  But yes.. folks from UK and Ireland are in luck.. since HMV is taking in your used games.. and reselling it at the price your friendly neighbourhood game stores are selling them for.   So whether is is PSP or PS3 games.. you can buy second hand stuff at HMV soon.  But hopefully, they ain’t gonna be stupid like the Movie Gallery here.. who charges second hand games at almost the same as new games.  Just no used computer games that’s all.

Blue Ray Movies On Your PSP

As you can see .. i am absolutely outdated. I just heard from a customer.. that we can watch blu ray movies soon with our PSP .. !! i said no way..!! he said.. yes way..!!! muhahaha!! ya.. ya..!! corny..!! but yup.. it was confirmed by Sony that they can transfer copies of their blu rya movies from their ps3 to psp .. later this year. Portable copy is what it will be called.. allowing PS3 owners to transfer movies but only a standard version of blu ray to their PSPs.

Awesome add on .. to the PS3 and PSP owners but what if you have only the PSP and not the PS3 ..?? or the other way around..?? because we have a PSP and an xbox 360 .. now i bet .. the man will make excuses to buy a PS3 … so that we can transfer copies of blu ray movies to the kid’s PSP…??

Glow In The Dark PSP Face Plate

This glow in the dark face plate is an awesome gadget and accessory for the young traveling in the car for long distance. The PSP is definitely not new to every moms ..and every kid around the world. The PSP now has Wi-Fi, you can watch a movie on it.. play games.. and it also provides free voice and video calls.

It is great to have this glow in the dark plate.. because having a kid at the back seat for a long drive.. and she wants lights.. this is the best thing ever. Available in a few different colors.. i’ll choose the pink.. 🙂