Pink iPhone

Really?  a pink iPhone ?  now I want to get one too – who doesn’t want a pink iPhone but for £1499   I think I have to wait for quite a bit before I can bear to part with so  much money.  Created by Amosu Couture – and touted to be the first and only pink iPhoe around, I’m sure it would sell pretty quick.

Death Of A Blogspot Blog

A few days ago, I read from FB from a long time blogger – a parenting blog who had been with blogspot since 2004 – that her blog was deleted by blogger/blogspot for no reasons that she could think of.  8 yrs of blogging and information about parenting, living with a maid – and dealing with her illness – all gone – no return.  How shocking right?  I would be devastated if everything that I had on my child and myself get deleted without a chance to export them to another blog.  Blogspot/blogger should at least have given her the rights to get all her work imported to another host  but nope – nothing – no warning.

I don’t know if you know this but i’m quite sure that Google had bought blogspot/blogger platform many years ago and if you know how Google handles their Adsense advertising – you wouldn’t be that surprised about them deleting your blog for they deem that they are doing it for the good of the advertiser/s.   Good thing I’ve never worked with adsense or google before – I’m just glad that I don’t need google adsense to support my blogs or living – but like this blogging mummy – she wasn’t using it to make money either.  Sure she had some affiliate programs but people who clicks on it knows that it’s an affiliate program – and not like she SPAM anyone with her parenting tips.   So what the hell right?

Luckily I don’t use any free hosting now – I have them all paid for and under my own hosting company – and having said that – I know that Google can still blog you sometimes for malware or whatever they think is harmful on the web without giving your prior warning.  I think that isn’t fair at all because bloggers – usually get their codes from these affiliate companies – and if Google wanted to go after anyone – they should go after the affiliate companies and not small time bloggers.

Beach House For Geek Getaway

I know everyone goes on vacation but for geeks like us – when we go on a vacation, the place we go to needs to have Wi-fi or at least high speed internet.  I know some people may argue that since we are on vacation, shouldn’t we do without the internet?  sure if one could but geeks like us cannot do without internet, we need to go online even if it was just an hour a day and of course, it has to be a beach front house – else what kind of holiday would it be right?  The  san diego beach house rentals  was one that we were looking at for the low season rental – the prices are really good and one can really consider it especially if you are going with the entire family. The beach house there has so much to offer, from jacuzzi to golf course nearby, perfect for both family getaway and a romantic one.

Hello Kitty Portable Speakers Limited Edition

Great for my kid’s room of course – since she is into the Ipod already, plus I loved Hello Kitty since i was a kid and this is a limited edition directly from Sanrio – and i read – once you charge it – it’s good for 6 hrs and it’s only at $21 – woohoo!! cheap cheap! there is nothing special about the portable speakers though – just so you know – don’t expect a base sound or some mighty mind blowing technology here.

TR2 RX 650W

So the spouse brought in a TR2 RX 650W for a customer – the TR2 series i heard is designed for mainstream PC.   I have read the good reviews and the not so good ones.  The cooling fan is very quiet despite the fact that it is quite huge.  The Thermaltake range of power supply is known for its power protection and this particular one carries a limited warranty for 5 yrs.   So far – it had been working great for our customer – no complains as he put it.

Grand Theft On PSP

Gamers who are fans of GTA, but don’t own a Nintendo DS/DSi, will be pleased to hear that GTA Chinatown Wars is heading to the PSP.

The handheld game is being updated for both the PSP and PSPgo and will be available at retail and as a digital download when it arrives in the Fall. The content is being given the widescreen treatment as well as enhancements to lighting and animation.

If you already own and enjoyed the DS version then you still may want to consider the game on PSP. Rockstar are adding new story missions to the title which should give it just enough extra value to tempt a second purchase.

The Rockstar news does state retail and digital releases so I am assuming it means PSP and PSPgo versions. But unless someone reading this can find evidence otherwise, it could also mean a PSPgo only launch with the ability to buy a download code at retail. I think Rockstar would be crazy not to release a PSP version as not that many people will own a PSPgo in the Fall as the hardware only gets released in October.