Microphones And More Microphones

Looking for microphones has never been easier , especially  akg at guitarcenter.com  .  They have all sorts and we are so happy to be able to find the ones we need for our singing sessions at the community center.  Some are really pricey but if you are looking for something on a more reasonable range, have no fear , because they have it here as well.   Order yours online easily but one can also read all the reviews first before deciding , that was what we did, they are real reviews from real people , so you know what to expect from the microphones that you are considering buying.  I loved reading the reviews first , that way , I can decide which one to buy and what are the pros and cons.

Drummer’s Shoes


Easter gift for the spouse who plays the drum like he is a genius or a true drummer but little does he knows that it is so loud and disturbing at times.  But in any relationship , you just need to learn to live with it and since he is into drumming a lot lately , a  db shoes  for Easter is what I got for him.  I didn’t know that they had drummer shoes until he told me about it.  But I read that all professional players has one of these because you can feel the pedal better and thus control your pedals for maximum sound on your drums.  Interesting but I guess only those who loves playing on the drum would know that and I’m glad I was told about it by the spouse.

5 String Guitar


I’ve played on a 6 string guitar before but never on a  5 string guitar  , so when the spouse wanted one for Christmas, I had to do some hunting for it at a good price.  Nothing too cheap for the husband, else he would think I don’t appreciate him and it has to be a decent quality one.  But of course, there are so many to choose from , so a lot of reading up is necessary and checking out real reviews for the guitar I want to purchase from other people who’ve bought the same guitar before.  As Christmas draws nearer, I’m just glad that I can find it online to purchase and have them mail it to me before the day.

Vlogging & Recording


Vlogging is the in thing these days and I myself have been really addicted with watching vlogs on youtube and I’ve seen youtubers use the  sennheiser ew 112-p g3  for their recording purposes and really envy them for spending so much on professional equipment for their passion.  Sure vlogging can make you some money but not all vloggers make big money , yet they want to do it well and produce quality vlogs.  Of course, not everyone would be using such professional microphones for their recording but I think I too would invest in it because it’s light and handy.

Maximizing Your Amp Performance


Since our store deal with some musical instruments, we are often asked how to maximize customer’s amp’s performance.  Seriously, we are no expert but we an do some  tube amp troubleshooting  for them and suggest some solutions.  We also armed ourselves with some knowledge by reading it up on the internet, that way we can always try and help and also not sound too ignorant.  But what we don’t understand is when the customer/s asked for advice but yet comes up with their own “possible” solution.  Some just don’t know when to leave it to the pros to help them, and as for those kind of customers there is really nothing much we can do to assist them.

Geeks Into Trumpets


Yes, lately I’ve noticed that most of my geeky and nerdy friends are quite talented.  Not only are they great with the computer, coding and on top of all new gadgets and games , they are musically inclined too.  I had the pleasure of being entertained by a group of nerdy friends who play the trumpet , of course they didn’t use  trumpets for professionals  but I think they are the above average trumpet players.  You will be surprised with some geeky friends of yours because their talents are not limited to just nerdy and geeky stuff as I found out.

Father’s Day Gift

June 21 is Father’s Day this year , and instead of waiting for the last minute to get something for the spouse, this year, I’ve decided that we want to get something special for the spouse.  To tell him how important he is to us and that we appreciate everything he has done for us thus far.


We know that he would love anyone of this  Epi  limited editions, and since it’s 40% off right now, we are getting one for him for Father’s Day.  I’m sure he would feel really bad , he didn’t get a lot for me for Mother’s day now . haha!  I will be recording his reaction when he opens up his Father’s day present this year and put it up for viewing .  Yes, I’m “evil” hhahaha!

Grooming The Geek


The spouse is quite the geek , in terms of looks and dressing.  He doesn’t really bother about how he looks as long as he is clean.  So with a birthday coming up really soon , what do one get for him?  I get him this aftershave that I know he uses all the time , but this year, I decided to look  for pinaud after shave  because I’ve heard good things about it.   Grooming the geek isn’t easy, but someone has to do it.

Custom Labeling For Your Music Disc


Customers at our store are always burning off their own music for their own entertainment.  We have quite a few wannabe musicians and the next Canadian Idol.  I recommend the  lightscribe cd r  to them because after they’ve burnt their own music onto the disc, they can just flip it over and put their very own custom design onto the disc.  Pretty easy and even a child can do it once they are taught how to.

Good for clubs that wants to distribute their meetings or celebration or even photographers or wedding planners who wants to record and give a copy as a gift to their clients.

Christmas Gift For Couples


Shopping for a Christmas gift for the couple that has got everything?  and can’t find a thing to get for them.  Well, look no more, we had the same trouble too and if you have the same problem as we did , get some  salsa lessons santa monica  for them like we did.  What is more romantic than a couple going for dance classes together, it’s not only healthy but also very useful for couples who don’t spend a lot of time together doing things together.  If we had dance classes like this in our area, I would be getting dance classes for my in – laws as well as aunts and uncles and even co-workers.  I would definitely appreciate it if I were to get some free dance lessons.