Fan For XBox 360

A customer came in to ask about a replacement fan for his xbox 360 and I went like huh?  I didn’t think that there is a replacement fan for them.  But I do know that all console has some kind of fan as they need to keep the console cool when it is running.  But unlike the computer or a laptop, we didn’t have any ready in stock fans for him.

And yes, you can order the fan, open up the xbox 360 and have it replaced but I don’t think just about anyone knows how to do it.  But the spouse figured that he can do it for him if he asked nicely and I’m going to assume that he will read up on it or check it out from youtube how to do it.

Kinect For Kids


Mothers asked me all the time about kinect xbox  for their kids and they want my opinion about whether they should buy it or not.  So I show them what the kinect can do – and what my 8 yrs old love with the kinect.  We have the kinect because it’s more interactive and keeps the 8 yrs old busy with doing stuff and not just sitting and playing games.  Yes, she does play a game with the kinect, but at least she is up and moving and doing things with the game instead of just sitting and shooting stuff or moving along with the controller.  So if you ask my opinion about the kinect for kids, I say that some of the games are great for kids – like kinectimals but according to the spouse – most of the games on kinect are great for kids.  So if you are thinking of getting the kinect for your kids – I say go right ahead.

R2D2 Xbox 360

Look Who bought the new R2D2 Star Wars xbox 360!!!  woohoo!! happy ! happy!  so what is so special about the R2D2 xbox I hear everyone asking me.   Well for all those Star Wars fan- this is something to remember their favorite movie by this limited edition of the Kinect Star Wars bundle.   The Kinect is custom designed and so is the console and controller, all based on the popular Star Wars character – the R2-D2.  You also get the Star Wars game and a 320gig HD – plus a wired headset and a game meant for the Kinect.   Now may the force be with you.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures

So the spouse bought the starter pack to play with the kid – and they loved it – the game I mean.  And even though I am not for buying new games – he said they were on sale for like $50 at superstore – this game normally goes for $70 + tax.

I think the kid loved this game because of the portal where you need the figurine to be on the portal to get it to work.  Gadgets are not only a powerful way to get the kid addicted but adults loved the gimmick in the portals as well.  From what I read – you need more toys to enable you to play in different levels but overall my kid who is 8 yrs old find it’s amusing and can understand the game easily.

Stars Wars Xbox 360 Bundle

Come Christmas you can get your hands on this custom xbox 360 bundle that is tied with the realease of the Kinect Stars Wars. So fans of Stars Wars – hurry and pre-order yours. This bundles has a 320 gb hard drive and a kinect sensor of course and a themed wireless controller. The game of Kinect Star Wars is added into the $499.99 package – but i wouldn’t be buying it – I don’t like the themed thing but don’t let me stop you from buying it though.

COD Black Ops

So I have been hearing a lot about the COD Black Ops – how everyone would die to get a copy and it’s a forever to play game – so said not only the kids but adults too – men and women.  I had a couple of kids who came in with a copy of it – to sell of course – unfortunately, they were not willing to part with it – for the amount we offered – so we didn’t get that copy.  Had I had gotten that copy I would have tried it out and see what the fuss was all about.   Killing people and zombies is the coca cola of video games? oh oh!

Chipped/Modded System 360

Recently on our local yardsale – we had a local business advertising that he was selling modded xbox 360 that allows you to play your xbox live even after it is modded.  I don’t know how true this is – but we’ve known of this person modding systems for the longest time.  But we all know that a banned Xbox 360 console from the Xbox Live service does not render the console useless though. Users can play games, but the online multiplayer service will not be available to them. The only way to get back using the service is to purchase a new Xbox 360 console, without any modifications to it.

Anyhow, we do sell used systems here and every time someone asked if we sell chipped/modded system – we cringed. Why?  how are legit businesses like us going to make any money if everyone download their games illegally?  Plus we know it’s wrong – so why do people do that?  *sigh*.  Anyhow – my question now is – can a chipped/modded system really go online still?  I thought Microsoft took care of that already? no?

Fix Your Xbox 360 Controller

No parents want to fork out $50 for a new controller – that’s for sure – and we sell used ones at our store for $35 – which is not cheap either – but we pay $20 for a used one when they come in – so one has gotta eat too right?  But thanks to Apartment Therapy – we can maybe – buy bad controllers for lesser – fix it on our own – and re-sell the for less too.  But of course – it can be time-consuming if you don’t know what to do.  But here are some tips you too can follow  – all credits goes to Apartment Therapy though.

With a T8 torx screwdriver and some how-to knowledge (ifixit put together a handy tutorial), you can revive that beat up controller on the cheap.

Worn down thumbsticks are a pretty common reason for purchasing a new controller. In order to replace them you’ll need some new thumbsticks (which can be purchased for just a few bucks on eBay) and a T8 torx screwdriver ($4.99 on Amazon). You can even swap out your standard gray thumbsticks for some all white or black ones.

If you’re looking for a new controller shell, replacing it is pretty straight forward. There are a number of cases out there, but you probably want to opt for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) shells for their quality. With a quick ebay search you can snag a new OEM case for around $10. Although third-party shells are available in a variety of colors, they can be pricier and a bit rough around the edges. There are however some inexpensive options on Amazon (and eBay if you just look around).

Always be aware of what controller parts you’re buying! Some cases come with thumbsticks/d-pad/buttons, while others don’t, so it really all depends on what parts you’re looking to replace. There’s money to be saved as long as you know what you’re looking for.

Modded Xbox 360

No, I’m not just talking about making your xbox 360 pretty – i’m talking about people who mod the system so that they can play burned games and brazenly selling them on facebook yard sale.  Yes! that’s what is happening in our small, dingy town !  This person has been doing modding for years now and have no regards to the law and breaking it.    This person is a legitimate business person himself and sells  cheap supplements in his fitness center and I’m sure he knows what he is doing is wrong.   So what do you do when you see someone breaking the law again and again?  and becoming more and more brazen by selling it in the open market – and telling people he is breaking the law?   You tell me !  I hope one day Microsoft will catch him and fine him hefty – and make sure they make an example out of him.

call of duty modern warfare 2

Gotta love the parents over here – why?  kid came into our store and bought the game – it was a mature game but i didn’t think he was not old enough – apparently he was only 11 yrs old.  But the kid came into our store with a mission –  just like when i am getting my weight loss products – go into the store – head straight to the counter – grab it .. and pay for it.  That was exactly what the kid did.  Given i was distracted too – but having said that – there was no need for the mom to jump all over us and calling us crooks.  I know the game is kinda violent and all but come on !  your kid knows what they are doing – and shouldn’t you be teaching them not to try and scam us into selling stuff he shouldn’t buy ?  With parents like this – you can imagine what kind of kids they kid will turn out to  be eh.